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August/September/October 2002

The facts and opinions expressed are those of Bruce Anderson

We Agree with the Governor of New Jersey,
the $15 Million should not be used
to Purchase the Ciba Site

Toms River, New Jersey

At least our New Jersey State officials have common sense and the foresight to deny the $15 Million dollars for the purchase of the supposedly clean portion of the Ciba Geigy Superfund Site. As we have stated before, we support open space, but not for the purchase of a superfund site, not when there are many other properties in immediate threat of being purchased for purposes other than open space. Give the children playing fields and recreation fields that they can use today, and that we know are clean and free of hazards.

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    Winding River Park
    Toms River, New Jersey

    Maybe our local officals could try to accept the concept of not purchasing the most polluted site in Ocean County as mentioned above. Besides, maybe we should look at the park east of the Ciba Geigy superfund site, called Winding River Park. This park has been neglected for years! Park benches are rotting away, play areas have been dismantled over the years, there is no fishing in the waters of the Winding River in only this portion of the park river. Is it because this area may not be safe for the public? The Ciba Geigy Superfund site plume comes to the surface in the park. Also, the recharge area for the processed water from the Reich Farm Plume is discharged in the park area. If the township is so concerned with obtaining additional space, let's prove we can maintain the parks we have in a safe manner!
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