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May 2002

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Where Are Our Records?

TEACH family members have requested from the State of New Jersey the profiles of our exposure to contaminated air and water that were used in reference to the "Case-control Study of Childhood Cancers in Dover Township" released in December of 2001. These profiles were the linchpin of the study, and we were told SIX MONTHS AGO that each family would be able to obtain its own profile upon request to Department of Health. Yet months have gone by and we have received nothing.

Toms River

Possible Elevated Cancer Rate Among
Staff at Ocean County Community College
in Toms River, NJ

Toms River, New Jersey


The New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services will be looking into a possible elevated cancer rate among staff personnel at Ocean County Community College here in Toms River, New Jersey in the coming months as reported in the local newspapers. It's been reported that there appears to be a "rather high incidence of faculty and staff diagnosed with cancer in a relatively short period of time".

We support the community efford to use the 15 Million from the State of New Jersey which was earmarked to purchase the Ciba Superfund Site for use in purchasing other land that our children can use today!
Toms River, New Jersey


We encourage the public to help us by writing letters to the Governor of New Jersey, Senators and Representatives on all levels requesting that action be taken to remove all toxic drums of waste buried on the Ciba Geigy superfund site. Please help support our efforts, for now is the time to take action to remove these additional 38,000 drums.

This link is to the March 2002 on Cell 1 and the 38,000 additional drums
Please Continue to Conserve Water Use
With Summer just around the corner please help by conserving our precious water. With lack of precipitation this winter our water resources are low. If we conserve now, maybe we can avoid further water restrictions later.

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