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February 2002

The facts and opinions expressed are those of Bruce Anderson

Air Monitoring during the Ciba Geigy Superfund site cleanup in Dover Township (Toms River) N.J.

Roving Air Monitoring Patrol There were a lot of questions asked at the last EPA meeting on air monitoring for the partial cleanup of the Ciba Geigy superfund site here in Toms River, NJ. The proposed air monitoring setup consists of five to six permanent monitoring stations around the perimeter of the site. And then roving air monitoring patrols in between these fixed sites. We support additional perimeter permanent stations to cover more areas and less dependence on roving patrol monitors that may or may not be in the area when needed as wind direction changes. There will also be localized air monitoring at the point of excavation. We also believe that once any air monitor alarms, work should be stopped and measures should be taken to ensure the work is proceeding safely. This should be specified in the working document. Public safety should be paramount, especially with a grade school in the vicinity of the site. We must take a lessen from history, in 1995 the EPA failed to perform air monitoring at the perimeter of Reich Farm superfund site in Toms River.

Again questions were raised why not remove all drums buried on site. The EPA is removing 32,000 drums and remaining are 35,000 drums for our grandchildren to worry about. Why aren't our public officials concerned? And why don't they have a questioning attitude and the foresight to remove all drums of toxic waste from this site?

We are still awaiting since May 2001, for the EPA to provide the exact location in Winding River Park in which the ground water plume from the Ciba site makes its way to the surface.

Cleanup of the Bomarc Missile
Superfund site, in Plumsted Township, NJ

Information meetings were held in various townships that may be impacted by the proposed cleanup of the Bomarc Nuclear Missile site. The proposal for transporting the contaminated soil and debris appears to be better than the previous version.
Bomarc Missile Site The one concern expressed was once the rail cars are loaded, the lids are not secured with any type of lock. It seems foolish not to have an inexpensive lock on the rail car lids, to prevent tampering or accidental opening of these compartments. The concern would
Bomarc Missle be the exposure to plutonium contaminated soil. Plutonium is radioactive and a deadly poison. A change should be made to the work plan to secure these lids with a lock, not just a tamper wire to indicate whether the lids had been opened. We are presently awaiting for the contractor company to notify us of the mil thickness of the tamper gauge wire, which will be attached to the lids.
Bomarc Shelters

This link is to the March 2000 cover page on the Bomarc Missile site, which included a brief history of the site.

Report Errs On Pipeline Breaks
Toms River, New Jersey

Let's hope the officials do a better job on Ciba air monitoring and the cleaning up of the BOMARC Missile site than they did on counting pipleline breaks. With the recent release of the report "Case-Control Study of Childhood Cancers in Dover Township (Toms River) NJ" one must ask, how can historical facts be overlooked in these or earlier reports released by our state officials? For example in the Case-Control Report it states,

"The Ciba-Geigy pipeline which transported treated wastewater across Dover Township (1966 to 1991) and experienced three documented breaks (1984, 1988, and 1989) during its usage"

When in fact public records show the following breaks have occurred;
  • 1984 Bay & Vaughn Aves
  • 1985 Bay & Vaughn Aves
  • 1986 Oak Ridge Parkway
  • 1988 Bay & Hooper Aves
  • 1989 Mapletree Ave & Old Freehold Road

    Pipe Line Map

    The Toms River map above is the area in which the Ciba Geigy pipe line traveled; the pipe line appears in red, with black arrows pointing to the areas of the various breaks.
    We would like a true accountablity as we the taxpayers are funding these reports. If we are truly interested in understanding the full scope of what has occurred here in Toms River, NJ then all the facts have to be looked at. An unbiased and thorough research must be used.

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