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April 2002

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Oyster Creek Spent Fuel Storage
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission recently held a local meeting in Forked River on the use of the temporary concrete spent fuel storage containers. This meeting was just to appease the public and had no impact on the planned use of this storage system. The use of these storage units is a band-aid fix to this hazardous radioactive waste problem. The federal government years ago were to develop a permanent waste disposal site underground.
Toms River

Spent fuel dry cask storage system used at another plant,
each manufacturer varies in design.

It was a shame that there was not a response to all questions submitted . One of the questions I would have liked a response to was, what is the weight of a fully loaded cask on the refueling floor and should one accidentally drop, what is the impact to the plant? Or maybe they didn't want to address this topic. Either way the government must solve the concern of a permanent storage area, not one that is subject to outside hazards. The philosophy of storing this hazardous radioactive waste in temporary concrete storage containers is similar to burying chemical waste in the ground thinking the problem will disappear. We know better!

The Importance of a Water Filter
Toms River, New Jersey


Pictured are two water filter cartridges, changed quarterly. The brown colored one is a pre-filter and indicates this filter has trapped a lot of larger particles or contaminates that would otherwise have entered your body. The white pictured filter is the post-filter, this filter is prior to a reverse-osmosis system. Not pictured is a middle carbon filter. As you can see the post-filter is fairly clean, meaning the prefilter and carbon filter has removed a lot of contaminates that could block or damage the reverse-osmosis filtering system, or be consumed. It is very important that filters be changed regularly, otherwise a condition known as break through can occur in which a large number of particles or contaminates passes right through the system, meaning the filter capability is reduced or eliminated.

Having clean water is an issue that is appearing more and more in the headlines as our environment is impacted by our careless ways and an issue for generations to come.

We encourage the public to help us by writing letters to the Governor of New Jersey, Senators and Representatives on all levels requesting that action be taken to remove all toxic drums of waste buried on the Ciba Geigy superfund site. Please help support our efforts, for now is the time to take action to remove these additional 38,000 drums.

This link is to the March 2002 on Cell 1 and the 38,000 additional drums
Please Continue to Conserve Water Use
With Summer just around the corner please help by conserving our precious water. With lack of precipitation this winter our water resources are low. If we conserve now, maybe we can avoid further water restrictions later.

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