Order amid Chaos

January 2001

The next Toms River, New Jersey, Citizens Action Committee on the Childhood Cancer Cluster meeting is scheduled for
January 29th at 6:00 pm.

  • Citizens Action Committee Meeting Schedule

  • Reflections of the past year

    Reflecting back on the past year a lot of events have taken place. The number of visitors to this web site has more than doubled in the past year. Total visitors for the year were approximately 26,000. It is impressive to see the number of students from all grades that are interested in studying the environmental impact here in Toms River, NJ. Several students have stated that this web site is a researchers dream. The children are the future and by studying what has occurred here in Toms River, learning and applying that knowledge may help to make a cleaner environment for everyone's future. Pollution and clean drinking water will continue to be a major issue for the future.

    Other important issues;
  • A record of decision was released for the Ciba Geigy Superfund Site in Toms River.
  • More filters may be placed on several public drinking wells in Toms River that have the potential to be impacted by the ground water contamination plume.

    Ciba burried drums of toxic waste
    Issues that still need to be addressed;
  • Remediation of the Ciba Geigy Site calls for the removal of 35,000 drums of toxic waste. What government agency is going take responsibility for the cleanup of an additional 38,000 drums of toxic waste that will be left in the ground on the Ciba site in Toms River?
  • Will the State of New Jersey allow the citizens voice to be heard and allow a public hearing on the Ciba Geigy Superfund Site landfill permit renewal?

    Poster Projects
    Wagner College students study the environmental issues
    in Toms River, NJ.

    Freshman students from Wagner College, Staten Island, New York, for the past several months have been studying the environmental issues here in Toms River, NJ. The class attended both public and private meetings with citizens and public officials. As part of the class, students created poster displays of the material they had studied. The posters were recently on display at Wagner College. The TEACH organization gave an overview presentation to the college class. We would like to make our presentation available to other High Schools, Colleges, and Universities on a limited basis in the New Jersey area. Please contact this web site for details.

  • Click here to learn more about the Wagner College program.
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