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Please support this weekend starting Friday October 22 1999 a great cause; Radio Station B98.5 is sponsoring a fundraiser for Ocean of Love, an organization that helps children and their families in the Toms River area who have cancer. DJ Dave Packer from B98.5 will be on a billboard raising money. He plans to remain there until the goal is met. The billboard is located near J's Garden Spot, Rt. 88 Bricktown, NJ. The event kicks off at 5:00 pm, Friday. Pledges can be called into the radio station.
B98.5 Radio Station phone numbers are 732-886-2985 or 609-978-2985.
The October 25 1999 Citizens Action Committee on Childhood Cancer Cluster meeting has been cancelled.

Three more children diagnosed with
cancer in Toms River, New Jersey

October 1999

Three new cases of childhood cancers have been confirmed in Dover Township this year as announced at the Citizens Action Committee on Childhood Cancer Cluster public meeting. A fourth case was recently diagnosed but it could not be counted by New Jersey Health Department rules since the child moved out of Dover Township about six months ago. This brings the total number of children diagnosed with cancer in Toms River to 106.

Update to the Dover Township Landfill,
Toms River, New Jersey

Dover Township Municipal Landfill

Dover Township Landfill

The Dover Township landfill, like Reich Farm received toxic hazardous waste, reports of approximately 2000 drums of the toxic waste went into this landfill. The landfill is a possible source of water contamination in the area. Consultants of Dover Township and the state Department of Environmental Protection reviewed samples of water taken from the upper Cohansey in June, and preliminary sample results showed contaminants of benzene and styrene acrylonitrile trimer. The highest contamination levels showed up in wells at the northeast corner of the landfill mound. Benzene is a cancer-causing volatile organic chemical. Levels detected were from 7 to 8.4 parts per billion. Styrene acrylonitrile trimer, a chemical compound associated with plastics production, was found at levels of 4.25 to 7.4 parts per billion. This trimer is believed to be the same trimer found in the public drinking wells associated with an underground pollution plume from Reich Farm Superfund site in Toms River.

Reich Farm
Red area is Reich Farm Contamination Plume,
Black dots are United Water Company Wells

The Reich Farm Site is located in Dover Township (Toms River), Ocean County, New Jersey. The site is approximately 500 feet east of New Jersey Highway 9 and approximately 1000 feet south of Church Road.

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  • The next EPA Meeting will be in November. When the date becomes available we will post it here.

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