Order amid Chaos

August 2000

Government Agencies should work together to remove all the drums from the
Ciba Geigy Superfund site
in Toms River, NJ.

As part of the proposed Remedial Cleanup of the Ciba Geigy Superfund site here in Toms River, NJ is the removal of approximately 35,000 drums of toxic waste from the drum disposal area.

What isn't mentioned often is that there are 10-20,000 drums of toxic waste in Cell 1 on the Ciba Geigy site that have not been scheduled as part of any cleanup action. Concerns have been raised by different agencies in regards to leaving these drums in the landfill.

We would like to see all the drums of toxic waste on the Ciba site removed. How long will it take before these drums leak is anyone's guess! Hopefully, Ciba Geigy Corporation and the government agencies involved can be pro active and work together and resolve this issue.

Ciba Geigy Landfill cells

Landfills on the Ciba Geigy site

As reported in the local newspapers Ciba Geigy Corporation has requested a renewal of their expired landfill permit.
  • Cell #1 was opened for use in 1977 and originally capped (closed) in 1984. In 1994 a new cap was added to Cell 1.
  • Cell #2 was built similar to Cell 1 with double liners and a leak collection system. In 1979 Cell 2 was determined to be leaking between its liners. In 1982 Cell 2 opened for disposal of dry waste.
    In 1984 Cell 2 was closed after inspections found liquid waste stored in this cell.
  • Cell 3 currently is the only active cell at this landfill, which receives sludge from the onsite Groundwater Treatment Plant.
  • Currently Cell 4 does not exist, except on paper.

    The DEP has said that the renewal permit is the same as the expired permit. One has to wonder why if the new and old permits are the same and with no changes, then why did the old permit only cover Cells 3 & 4, while the new permit covers Cells 1, 2, 3, and 4?
    Childhood Cancer Cluster

    The state has confirmed one more case of a child being diagnosed with cancer in Toms River, NJ. The total number of children diagnosed, that meet the requirements of the cancer cluster is now 112 children.
  • See the July cover page for limits on the cancer cluster.
    Trimer Testing,
    are we missing the whole picture ?

    Union Carbide announced the results from a second round of testing on a chemical compound found in three United Water Toms River wells. The latest testing of the trimer indicates the substance does not cause genetic mutations according to Union Carbide. Testing of the trimer alone will not address the synergistic effects of these many compounds. We join with the many others who have called on the DEP to concentrate the mass of compounds, so that we can evaluate these synergistic effects.
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